Stupid CoWorkers

CoWorker #1: Hey Jim, You’re smart can you help me with something

CoWorker #2: Sure

CoWorker #1 (pulls out kid’s math homework and a reads question from the math homework)

Stupid Customers

I work at a store that sells area rugs. Here was a phone call I had:

Me: “[Store], this is [name].”

Customer on Phone: “Hello? I have a question. Can you help me?”

Me: “Yes, what is your question?”

Customer on Phone: “I can’t get it to stay up!”

Me: “Umm,okay. What do you mean?”

Customer on Phone: “My area rug! It’s old & I love this rug, but recently I can’t get it to stay up. The…what are they called? Fibers? They are all crushed and won’t stay up!”

Me: “Oh, I see.”

Customer on Phone: “I have been vacuuming it on all the different settings. It’s not as stiff and thick as it used to be. No matter how hard I suck, it just won’t stay up!”

Me: *trying to stay composed* “Alright, well that does tend to happen with age. Rugs tend to get pile-crushing after long periods of heavy traffic.”

Customer on Phone: “So, you’re telling me I can’t get it up because it’s old?!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, that is exactly what I’m telling you.”

(I manage to keep it together for the rest of the conversation. However, my manager, who can hear the entire exchange, is cracking-up next to me the entire time)

Stupid Coworkers

A young lady in our office was getting married and she was talking with another coworker. She mentioned that she was going to France for her honeymoon. The coworker asked the lady what she was going to do on her Honeymoon? Was she going to be by herself? The young lady couldn’t believe that someone would ask such a stupid question.

Stupid Customers

Me: “Hi, can I take your order?”

Drive-thru customer: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Me: “Can I take your order?”

Drive-thru customer: “I know, I heard you. But why would you ask that question like that?”

Me: “Um, I need to know what food to have prepared for you.”

Drive-thru customer: “Don’t get smart with me! I heard what you said, and I would prefer it if you’d word your sentence differently.”

Me: “Oh, okay. May I take your order?”

Drive-thru customer: “That’s better! Yes, you may!”

Me: “Okay, what would you like?”

Drive-thru customer: “I’m not sure yet. Give me a minute!”