Stupid CoWorkers

Male CoWorker #1: Yeah, I heard she’s a squatter.

Male CoWorker #2: Really, she doesn’t have a place to live?

Male CoWorker #1: No, she squats above the toilet seat when she goes to the restroom. It gets everywhere so HR is going to talk to her.

Male CoWorker #2: Damn dude, can you imagine what the bathroom in her house looks like?

Stupid Things Overheard

Male coworker: I’m taking a Zumba class at the gym tonight.

Female coworker, deadpan: Isn’t that what women do?

Male coworker, ignoring: They have this one thing where they make you link arms, and everyone is all covered in sweat.

Female coworker, still deadpan: You’re going to get ringworm.

Stupid CoWorkers

Female employee: Are you busy? Do you have a sec?

Male employee, distractedly: Sure, I have lots of secs. (looks up, realizes what he just said) Go away and come back and start this conversation over again, please.

Female employee: Excuse me, but do you have a moment?

Stupid Things Overheard

Female admin assistant: You know how anal I get when it comes to your work.

Male property manager: It’s okay, I love anal!

(coworkers laugh)

Male property manager: Well… That didn’t come out right.