Stupid Bosses

CoWorker: “Got the job. My last day will be December 28.”

Manager: “On the 28th? When do you begin your new job?”

CoWorker: “January 3rd.”

Manager: “Come on, work until the 2nd then”

CoWorker: “Screw you dude I ain’t working Christmas and New Years, you had to work ALL the holidays this year”

Manager: “If you work those days I’ll buy you some Burger King today”

Stupid Bosses

I worked at a small manufacturing company where the boss was mentally unstable. One morning he stormed in, furious that the order entry department had made a mistake, and fired all five employees in the department.

Later that day he comes in yelling at the operation manager that no orders were being entered. When the operations manager reminded him that he fired everyone in the department, the boss seemed confused and asked what that had to do with anything.

Stupid Bosses

Boss: We want to have the title field on the business card, so include on the ordering page a drop-down list so the employee can select a title, and corporate standards are consistent.

IT consultant: No problem, do you have a list of titles?

Boss: No.

IT consultant: So what would you like to have in the drop-down list?

Boss: A list of titles.

Stupid Bosses

I work in finance for a company in Manhattan. I have a boss who is really jealous of everyone around him and always tries to prove that he knows it all and he is the smartest person on the face of planet earth and I can tell you that he is far away from that. Beside his negative views regarding the economy, the world and the people, he is actually doesn’t like anyone to live life or even exercise or even go home to have dinner with family…he just believe that if you work you have to over do it and if you eat you have to over do it as well.

Yesterday he called me to his office and started questioning my ability of understanding the business claiming that couple of the reports that I created few weeks ago aren’t quite right and made him think again if “I get it”. The normal response was “what did I do wrong in these reports?” He kept going left and right without clarifying what I did wrong and I kept asking him, I would like to know what I did because every thing I did was based on the data provided by him from his own work. At the end after long period of humiliating and criticizing me, my work and everything about me, he said “I thought the numbers I provided you were right but they weren’t”. At this moment, I got confused and told him so what you wanted me to do if your numbers were wrong and you asked me to get these reports done in less that 1 hour, he still insisted that I should have looked at the numbers and said that they don’t make sense to me. So I told him, why they didn’t make sense to you at the first place and you’re the one who came up with them, he kept insisting that it was my mistake. Then I had to leave his office with great amount of anger and frustration.