Stupid Customer Ordering

Woman: I want one of those cupcakes with no sprinkles.

Cashier: They all have sprinkles, ma’am.

Woman: [lingers, looks] I thought some didn’t.

Cashier: They all do.

Woman: … I thought some didn’t.

Cashier: No, all the cupcakes have got sprinkles today.

Woman, pointing: What about that cupcake?

Cashier: That’s a donut, ma’am. Do you want that?

Woman: No.

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Coworker from McDonalds

So I got trapped into working at McDonalds. I wanted something part time; I applied and got hired immediately… May turned into August and I was miserable!

So I started tripping at work a lot. Everyone was doing drugs and I liked tripping. There was this bulbous midwestern blonde; face like a pug and a cow could stand on those legs…

She got promoted to.. not manager; one step above drone. Immediately she comes into the kitchen and complains about how I’m doing everything lol. One drop of authority and she becomes a chubby Hitler.

Months pass; she wants to buy drugs from me. She texts me “You are a very handsome man” and something else stupid.. After being a monster to me, she thinks that I would reduce myself to spend more time near her than I was required?

Everyone has the right to be happy; but look in the mirror before you flirt with your betters. Some people should NOT be confidant…

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Burger Place CoWorker

MY last job was at a burger place that was full of either dumb or high people. I remember we were training this new dude on how to flip burgers. He kept resting his hand on the grill until he got a burn bad enough that it blistered. He blamed us for not reminding him constantly.

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CoWorker Dating Story

Cubicle Guy: I I went on a date with a girl and everything started off great, we were talking all through dinner and having a good time. Then, out of nowhere, she says, ‘OH MY PLEASE GOD STOP LOOKING AT ME!’ So, I said just said “check please” and got the hell outta there. She was so HOT though, not sure if I should go on second date still try to hit it.


Datingville dating sites.

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