Stupid CoWorkers

Stupid Things Overheard

Adviser: Okay, is everyone here? Great. So, John*, why don’t you tell us what you’ve worked on this week?

John: Well, I did…

Adviser, interrupting: Actually, John, I’m just going to hummer you for a minute while I show them the data.

Female grad student: Um, what?

Adviser: I’m going to hummer him and just show everyone this, you know, like run over him like a big fucking car.

Female grad student: Uh, okay, but you can’t say that.

Adviser: What? Why?

Female grad student: I’ll tell you after lab meeting.

Adviser, angrily: What is so bad about saying that? Is it like mean or something to “hummer” someone?

Female grad student: Well it’s not mean, it’s just… Yeah, don’t say that. Ever. We’ll talk later.

Stupid Bosses

Not satisfied with insisting he attend every meeting or conference call any of the team re invited to, today hit a new low when he wanted to us both to call back someone together so he could listen in!

He complains about being overworked yet all work requests ‘must’ come through him and he must remain the primary contact. Resulting in week old emails being forwarded when he fall behind.

He must take the lead at every meeting and insists we record all our work on a special database he commissioned.

Is this micro management?

Stupid Bosses

I work in a business office that has control freakin fools in charge. Although the dress code is not strict, for some reason the fools in charge decided to go ballistic about what constitutes a sandal. One of the employees wore white sandals one day that had a strap between her toes. A big, huge deal was made as to whether this was considered a flip flop or a sandal. One of the supervisors actually made her walk to see if it made a ‘flip-flop’ sound! This turned into a big meeting and the next day a memo was sent out to the entire company banning any type of shoes that went between the toes or made a ‘flip-flop’ sound. How ridiculous is this? You would think there would be more important things to do! What a bunch of freakin control freaks!