Stupid CoWorkers

Male CoWorker #1: Yeah, I heard she’s a squatter.

Male CoWorker #2: Really, she doesn’t have a place to live?

Male CoWorker #1: No, she squats above the toilet seat when she goes to the restroom. It gets everywhere so HR is going to talk to her.

Male CoWorker #2: Damn dude, can you imagine what the bathroom in her house looks like?

Stupid CoWorkers

This lady is the most unprofessional person that I have ever worked for in my entire life!

This woman is the VP of HR but yet she acts like she should be working for People magazine as a gossip columnist.

This woman will take her entire team to lunch and will reveal very confidential information in a public setting—she will tell about people’s medical information, marriage issues, sexual preferences, etc.

No subject is off limits! She will always start the conversation with..this information is confidential…I am only telling you about this because you are a part of HR. None of the information is relevant to our jobs….I mean seriously…did we need to know that you fired the person because you suspected he had a personality disorder! Did we need to know that a person resigned because they were having marriage issues and their child was a drug addict! Or about how someone’s husband divorced her because he was gay!

Stupid Bosses

I worked as a copy editor for a real estate magazine and my boss was a horrible person. She’d not only follow me to the bathroom to make sure that was where I was going, but she’d listen into my phone calls, yell at me for not telling her about my private life (Seriously…she yelled down the hall I had no life when I told her I wasn’t dating anyone in particular). She’d also ask me if I was pregnant every time I had a doctor’s appointment.

I would have told HR, but the ONE person in HR (it was a small company) had made a racist remark at a company lunch and when I complained to her, she ignored my requests to talk for 2 weeks…and then refused to apologize saying that no one else said anything, so I must be “overly sensitive.”

I stayed for a year but quit after coming in 5 minutes late from lunch to my boss ranting and raving that I was a thief, stealing from the company and that I was “walking on thin ice, young lady”

No one calls me young lady unless they were part of my conception. I was out. My boss retired a month after I left. What a hag.

Stupid Bosses

I was fired because my boss made up lies which HR believed to be true depite my previous boss’ glowing performance reviews. HR couldnt fathom how this could happen but still believed it. Goo figure. I guess they were required to have some sort of built-in leap of faith mechanism and it also helps to not care, not listen and a lot of other not’s.

The new boss was in charge for less than 3/4’s of a year. During that time, support statistics for our department were no longer being distributed, even to us. This new boss managed the department like he managed his life. Anything that created work was something to be avoided at all costs. Complaints about the level of support being provided steadily increased. And you wonder why…