Coworker from McDonalds

So I got trapped into working at McDonalds. I wanted something part time; I applied and got hired immediately… May turned into August and I was miserable!

So I started tripping at work a lot. Everyone was doing drugs and I liked tripping. There was this bulbous midwestern blonde; face like a pug and a cow could stand on those legs…

She got promoted to.. not manager; one step above drone. Immediately she comes into the kitchen and complains about how I’m doing everything lol. One drop of authority and she becomes a chubby Hitler.

Months pass; she wants to buy drugs from me. She texts me “You are a very handsome man” and something else stupid.. After being a monster to me, she thinks that I would reduce myself to spend more time near her than I was required?

Everyone has the right to be happy; but look in the mirror before you flirt with your betters. Some people should NOT be confidant…

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Stupid CoWorkers

CoWorker #1: You think they put them away in the winter?

CoWorker #2: Put what away?

CoWorker #1: Those.

CoWorker #2: The Ferris wheels?

CoWorker #1: Yeah, so they don’t get all wet and snowed on.

CoWorker #2: Okay, where would you want to put them?

CoWorker #1, exasperated: I don’t know; a garage?

CoWorker #2: Who the hell hired you?

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Stupid Customers

Customer: “Hey, how good is this book?” *holds a fantasy book*

Me: “I don’t know, I haven’t read it. But you might want to start with the first one in the series, if we have it right now…”

Customer: “You haven’t read it? You’re gotta be kidding me! Really, they hire anyone these days. I guess I’ll try it, then. You said it’s not the first


Me: “No, and it seems that we don’t have the first book in this series. If you want, you can leave your name and number and we will call you if someone sells it.”

Customer: “No, no, that will be fine. I’ll just come back. When will you get it?”

Me: “I don’t know, sir. We’re a used books store. We only get books when people sell them to us.”

Customer: “I know that, I’m not stupid! When will someone sell you this book?”

Me: “I don’t know, sir.”

Customer: *rolls his eyes* “I can’t believe they hired you. I bet it’s only because you’re pretty!”

Me: “Er…thanks, I guess?”

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Stupid Bosses

I was hired with a Property Management Company a few years ago. I worked for them for less than 6 months. At first it seemed as though this was an answer to my prayers to be hired by “Such a wonderful Company!”

During my interview they made it clear to me that they were so happy to find someone with my experience and qualifications applying for the position. Wonderful!

I was assigned to a certain housing complex. Being in the Title of Live on Site Maintenance of 350 unit Town Houses in which their was one that was mine to live in…

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