CoWorker’s Birthday

CoWorker #1: It’s my birthday today!

CoWorker #2: Happy Birthday! It’s my little sister’s b-day too, she’s turning 12.

CoWorker #1: So cool. Is she your mom’s first child?

Stupid CoWorkers

CoWorker #1: (On a diet trying to lose weight, but has a big piece of coworkers birthday cake in hand): Did someone over here call me? I thought someone call my name.

CoWorker #2 : No, that’s just your conscience speaking to you trying to stop you from eating that cake!

Stupid Customers

Customer: “Do you guys still do that free tan on your birthday thing?”

Me: “Yes, we do!”

Customer: “Well, no one called me!”

Me: “Oh, we don’t actually call the clients.”

Customer: “How am I supposed to know when to come then?”

Me: “You just come in on your birthday.”

Customer: “Well, when is that?”

Stupid Family Members

My brother-in-law was going to buy my sister a new computer for her birthday. He told me he was even going to buy her a copy of Google for it. She’s so lucky