Stupid Laws

Stupid Laws in Washington…

No person may walk about in public if he or she has the common cold.

It is illegal to paint polka dots on the American flag.

All lollipops are banned.

People may not buy a mattress on Sunday.

It is illegal to pretend that one’s parents are rich.

When two trains come to a crossing, neither shall go until the other has passed.

You cannot buy meat of any kind on Sunday.

Stupid Laws

Stupid Laws in West Virginia….

Unmarried couple who live together and “lewdly associate” with one another may face up to a year in prison.

When a railroad passes within 1 mile of a community of 100 or more people in it, they must build a station and stop there regularly to pick up and drop off passengers.

Any person who commits adultery shall be fined at least twenty dollars.

It is legal for a male to have sex with an animal as long as it does not exceed 40 lbs.

A person may be placed in jail for up to six months for making fun of someone who does not accept a challenge.

Stupid Laws

Stupid Laws in Wisconsin…

Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state prisons.

Whenever two trains meet at an intersection of said tracks, neither shall proceed until the other has.

As people used to smuggle it in from Illinois, all yellow butter substitute is banned.

Condoms were considered an obsene article and had to hidden behind the pharmacist’s counter.

State Law made it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese.

The state definition of rape stated that it was a man having sex with a woman he knows not to be his wife.

It is illegal to kiss on a train.

It is illegal to cut a woman’s hair.

Stupid Laws

Stupid Laws in Wyoming….

It is illegal for women to stand within five feet of a bar while drinking.

Any person who fails to close a fence is subject to a fine of up to seven hundred and fifty dollars.

You may not take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without an official permit.

Stupid Laws in Cheyenne Wyoming….

It is illegal to spit on the steps of a school.