Stupid CoWorker

I worked with an individual who plugged their power strip back into itself and for the life of them could not understand why their computer would not turn on.

Stupid Me

One day I was working in the office at my college. I was asked to phone a list of 20 students and tell them that their exam for that Friday had been cancelled. So after I got to about the 10th person I realized that this was one of my classes. I went to lectures during the week and on Friday went to take my exam. But I saw no-one from my class there. Confused, I went to the office to find out what was going on, only to be told that the exam had been cancelled. The sweet little old receptionist told me that a young girl who sometimes worked in the office had phoned everyone. Perhaps, thought the little old lady, the girl who helped out had tried to reach me but hadn’t gotten through. I felt so stupid since I was the one who phoned everyone. One of my prouder blonde moments.

Stupid coworker

I have a co-worker that does not seem to get it…here is the conversation I overheard this morning.

Co-worker “a”: “We might have to pull a bell to bell tomorrow”

Co-Worker “B” “really, what time”

(okay, this may not be dumb to all of you,but at my company a bell to bell is ALWAYS 8 to 8)

Co-Worker “A” “we will be getting an email about it later”

Co-Worker “B” “I haven’t received any email”

Now she is complaining to anyone who will listen that she got a really bad raise and she just does not think that is fair, she says she does overtime and everything. The thing is, when she does overtime it is so she can make it to her quota, but we are not supposed to even do overtime unless we have already made our quota! Even though she is told this all the time, it never sinks in!

By: LooLoo


Inventions By Women:

Stupid coworker

Okay, this story needs some background. I share an office with four other people. Two people use a printer that can be used by everyone. The printer is on a table inbetween my desk and my stupid coworker’s desk. Yesterday, the printer jammed. In order to get the jam out, I had to pull the printer out away from the wall.

So today, I find out that my stupid coworker came in today and freaked out because the printer was not in its exact place and I had bumped some of the stuff on her desk. The coworker that she yelled at told her that she left early yesterday, so that were only two people here in the afternoon, so maybe stupid should ask on of us. She refused.

I think I found a new way to piss stupid off (evil laugh).

by: Sayra