Stupid Bosses

CoWorker: “Got the job. My last day will be December 28.”

Manager: “On the 28th? When do you begin your new job?”

CoWorker: “January 3rd.”

Manager: “Come on, work until the 2nd then”

CoWorker: “Screw you dude I ain’t working Christmas and New Years, you had to work ALL the holidays this year”

Manager: “If you work those days I’ll buy you some Burger King today”

Stupid CoWorkers

CoWorker #1: Hey Jim, You’re smart can you help me with something

CoWorker #2: Sure

CoWorker #1 (pulls out kid’s math homework and a reads question from the math homework)

Stupid CoWorkers

CoWorker on phone: Hold on a minute (presses hold then says to Team Leader). John is on the phone and needs to talk to you

Team Leader: Tell him I’m at lunch.

CoWorker: (back on phone) Hi, he says he’s at lunch

Team Leader: (rage in eyes)

CoWorker: Whaat?