Stupid Roommates

I have been living with my roomate for almost a year now. The last month has been hell. I dont have a job to pay rent, but I do work. For her that is. She will go to work at BlockBuster in a cool air conditioned place while I am mowing the lawn or cleaning the shrubs on the side of the house as part of her chore list. When she gets home she sits in the recliner and changes the channel without even asking me if I was watching tv or not. I am really hating her right now. On her days off she just puts me to work and watches me do it. In the kitchen she will make a big meal for herself and then tell me to clean it up. Pig she is! Her room and closet are filthy and who gets to clean it up…..ME! You would think she would help me out and maybe talk to her manager about getting me a job or soemthing. I dont know how much longer I can be her assistant.