Stupid CoWorkers

Coworker #1: So I was reading a study the other day that said performing fellatio can cause oral cancer.

Manager: No, that’s not right. Where’d you read that?

Coworker #1: On Facebook!

(lively discussion ensues)

Coworker #1: Oh! I guess I was thinking of HPV, not cancer.

Manager: Well, duh, you puttin’ something dirty in yo mouth, of course you gonna get sick. You gonna put that penny in your mouth?

Coworker #1: No! That’s gross!

Manager: Or that plastic there?

Coworker #1: No! I get it! I forgot it was getting HPV from a dude, not cancer!


Coworker #2, chewing on a pen: Does this mean I’m gonna get cancer?

(entire office stares at her)

Coworker #2: From the pen!

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