Stupid CoWorkers

I work in a large office where we are broken down into “team”. Well, on my team is a lady named “Virgie” who is the biggest perfectionist on earth! When I first met her she told me she has a small case of OCD. YEAH RIGHT and here is why:

She will come in 1-2 hours before everyone else (EVERYDAY) to clean our work areas even though we have cleaning people at night…

She takes 1 personal day a month because she has to have her haircut on the EXACT same day as the month before. Virgie will not only clean my office but also re-arrange my pictures to how SHE thinks they should look! She is also famous for stealing my garbage to see what I have thrown away.

The tip of the iceburg is how she whines to the boss (who she kisses butt to so bad he’s blind to the fact she’s a freak) that no one else ever cleans or pulls their weight like she does and we all get lectured Oh did I mention how she has an obsession with being thin and will insult anyone who isn’t, including a co-worker who is 8 months pregnant. The funny thing is, she must be about 25 lbs over-weight herself.

Virgie is never, ever wrong in her eyes and everyone else always is. There is nothing she does not already know.

The worst part is how rude she is to clients. Virgie has told clients they don’t look like they can afford our services, that they need to clean up to even talk to us! And when we tell the boss….once again he’s blind”

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