Stupid coworker

I have a co-worker that does not seem to get it…here is the conversation I overheard this morning.

Co-worker “a”: “We might have to pull a bell to bell tomorrow”

Co-Worker “B” “really, what time”

(okay, this may not be dumb to all of you,but at my company a bell to bell is ALWAYS 8 to 8)

Co-Worker “A” “we will be getting an email about it later”

Co-Worker “B” “I haven’t received any email”

Now she is complaining to anyone who will listen that she got a really bad raise and she just does not think that is fair, she says she does overtime and everything. The thing is, when she does overtime it is so she can make it to her quota, but we are not supposed to even do overtime unless we have already made our quota! Even though she is told this all the time, it never sinks in!

By: LooLoo


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