Stupid Tech Support

Customer: “I think I’ve broken my computer! There’s a message across the screen that says: ‘It is now safe to turn off your PC.’ WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!”

Stupid CoWorkers

I don’t so much work with Fools as I work with people that are incapable of thinking past their own nose. Some do…others do not. Here’s what I’m saying:

– I support a user (in his 60’s) who believes that typing e-mails is women’s work (Secretaries do that). This guy isn’t even middle management. He can barely type in his own password on a daily basis…that he doesn’t bother shutting down or logging off of his PC. It’d probably take him 10 minutes just looking for the keys to type his password.

Stupid Salespeople

A friend and I visited a computer store in a mall. They had aisles of software and cabinets of hardware in the back. I was curious to know how much they charged for RAM, so we headed for the rear of the store.

Salesman: “May I help you, ladies?”

Me: “Sure. We’d like to see how much your RAM is.”

Salesman: (looking around uncertainly) “Let’s look over here. Is this for a Mac or PC?”

Me: “PC. I have an HP.”

Suddenly the salesman turns down a software aisle.

Salesman: “That sounds like a war game. It should be along in here if we have it.”

Me: “Uhhhhhhhh…we’re looking for RAM. You know, computer memory. Not software.”

Salesman: “Oh! Memory! That would be over in the children’s section.”

Stupid CoWorkers

Let me start by saying that nowhere in my job description does it say anything about moving furniture for people in my office yet ever since I’ve started I’ve gotten the pleasure of having to do this many times. It’s especially rewarding since the people I work with are not parapalegic or handicapped in any way and are just as capable as me of moving their own sh*t. I get a call yesterday from an employee who wants to move her computer to her new desk. Since this is kind of odd I ask her why she wants to move it, “Because mines newer.” That’s right “mines” newer. But I digress. Due to an incident where I was reprimanded and told by my boss that it’s not my job to move furniture I’ve been a little hesitant to move anything so I told this person nicely that’s its not my job but I’d help since it’s not worth paying our physical plant staff the OT to move it. I get a call the next day from one of her new bosses asking how come I haven’t moved it yet. How ’bout because I never said I would. I calmly explained my position and when asked what we could do to move it responded with, “what’s wrong with your arms?” Now today I get a voicemail from my boss telling me that this other woman’s boss called him to complain that I didn’t want to move it and he understands that I’m not the department’s day laborer but would I mind doing him a favor and moving it. Well you know what, I would, especially since no one is going to help including the people that want the PC there soooo bad. I’m so glad I wear a shirt and tie to work everyday just so I can get filthy carrying your f’ng PC. F*ckers.