Stupid CoWorkers

Coworker on phone: Look, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s just my roommate–you can’t evict me because she is walking around outside the apartment with no pants on. Okay, I’ll come try to get her to put her pants back on.

Stupid Bosses

ok where do i start…

first of all.

its like my boss is trying to make my life difficult, and hell, stressful, i do so much overtime and stay back, and do i get paid extra to work more or stay back? NO!. i dont. ok and besides that, i will be on the phone or doing something and he just shouts out my name. customer! or something, im oviously gonna come out the front and serve the customer but im not because im stuck on the phone or cant leave a computer because a really bad virus attack or burning system or something… ok, then it comes to lunch time, i dont get a decent break and dont even get to relax for that 30mins or whatever to eat my food, phone!!! customer!!!. ok you can see im eating, its my break… HE JUST DOESNT CARE!!!, or doesnt understand, i dunno wat it is… its just little things that are getting to me and starting to turn into bigger things, its ok when 1 or 2 happen then these 1 or 2 turn into bigger things and grab you and really annoy you, im currently really depressed and stressed out because i work fulltime 6 days a week because im trying to get my life back together and get a house and a car and life etc… and i am going thru all this shit for what?, its past 5 and my boss is still working not to mention he comes in @ like 11am everyday when i start at 8:00-8:30. yeah i know he is the boss. it never used to be so bitchie tho, ok check this out… everyone that calls the shop number or even my phone, he asked who it was, why they called and what is was regarding… ok WHAT FOR??? if it was imporant or for him or anything i would tell him, but customer calling to know a price and i have to explain this shit to him everytime, i have gotten to the point where it irritates me so much i just say my girlfriend or brother or mate. he wants me to serve every customer and do all the repairs, its too much for my shitty pay and wants me to fix his problems that he stuffs up his mistakes and then either take the credit for it or blame me or something… im getting to the point where im really gonna do something bout it. what do you think?

Stupid Customers

One time I was trying to set up a customer’s email program. I walked him through setting up an account with the incoming and outgoing server names set to “mail,” but it didn’t work. I tried again, and it still didn’t work. I was starting to right out of ideas, and then the customer said, “If my mail server name is ‘male,’ does that mean my girlfriend’s server is ‘female’?”

Stupid Roommates

First of all, let me preface by saying that I am female. My roommate and I had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship once upon a time, a LONG time ago, but since we hace just become good friends. I needed a place to live, and he invited to live in his extra bedroom of his house. I had never visited the house, but DESPERATELY needed a cheap place, so I accepted.

Upon arrival of my first visit, I discovered that my future room was actually quite similiar in size to a closet. I argued rent price, and got it down to less than half–since my room was less than half the size of his! I moved in in November, and everything was great–for awhile! Enter Crystal–my roommates so-called “girlfriend.”

Now my roommate is 22 years old–his girlfriend, when he started dating her, was still in high school, and not yet 18! After laughing at him when he told me, I discovered he was serious. Now this seemingly healthy relationship progressed, and everything was fine. Then all of a sudden, his little 18 year old is here ALL the time….these two have absolutely no life except for each other. She had no job at the time, but she has one now–about 5-6 months after mooching off him. But when they are not at work, their life consists of sitting around our house–monopolizing the couch which I purchased for use, but not sure I’ve ever actually used–going to Wal-Mart or Target, and going out to eat. Thats ALL. They only hang out with each other, and only do those things. They never pick up after themselves, they mess up the house which I have cleaned, and they like to have early morning sex in tha bathroom that we share, and make loud sounds to wake me up. I’ve exacted revenge, however, by playing the William Tell overture at full volume everytime they start going at it. But with the messiness, I totally understand your pain! They try to throw their empty wrappers and other things away, but the garbage can is just so hard to hit! And its unbelievably tough to wipe up your mess and just soak your dishes in the sink, after I’ve just cleaned the kitchen.

Anyway, thats the gist of my roommate situation. I’m in the process of selling my car so I can move into my own apartment. Thanks again for the amusing, yet oh so true website! Take care!

Sincerely, Beth