Stupid Bosses

ok where do i start…

first of all.

its like my boss is trying to make my life difficult, and hell, stressful, i do so much overtime and stay back, and do i get paid extra to work more or stay back? NO!. i dont. ok and besides that, i will be on the phone or doing something and he just shouts out my name. customer! or something, im oviously gonna come out the front and serve the customer but im not because im stuck on the phone or cant leave a computer because a really bad virus attack or burning system or something… ok, then it comes to lunch time, i dont get a decent break and dont even get to relax for that 30mins or whatever to eat my food, phone!!! customer!!!. ok you can see im eating, its my break… HE JUST DOESNT CARE!!!, or doesnt understand, i dunno wat it is… its just little things that are getting to me and starting to turn into bigger things, its ok when 1 or 2 happen then these 1 or 2 turn into bigger things and grab you and really annoy you, im currently really depressed and stressed out because i work fulltime 6 days a week because im trying to get my life back together and get a house and a car and life etc… and i am going thru all this shit for what?, its past 5 and my boss is still working not to mention he comes in @ like 11am everyday when i start at 8:00-8:30. yeah i know he is the boss. it never used to be so bitchie tho, ok check this out… everyone that calls the shop number or even my phone, he asked who it was, why they called and what is was regarding… ok WHAT FOR??? if it was imporant or for him or anything i would tell him, but customer calling to know a price and i have to explain this shit to him everytime, i have gotten to the point where it irritates me so much i just say my girlfriend or brother or mate. he wants me to serve every customer and do all the repairs, its too much for my shitty pay and wants me to fix his problems that he stuffs up his mistakes and then either take the credit for it or blame me or something… im getting to the point where im really gonna do something bout it. what do you think?