Stupid CoWorkers

IT guy: And you can help with setting up the sites, too.

Super-cute admin assistant: Okay.

Office manager, walking in: What’s going on?

IT guy: I was just telling her that she could help me out this year if she wanted to.

Office manager: Oh yeah, she’s an untapped resource.

IT guy, after pause: I’d tap that.

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Stupid Customers

I work in a law office. Had Two women come in a young one and an older lady.. the older lady said in a heavy country accent:

Older Lady: “Now shes deaf (Pronouncing “deaf” with two syllables as in “Day-eef” she pointed to the younger lady) and Im going to be her interpreter”

Me: Ok, that will be fine

Older Lady: Ok I will Interpret

Me: Yes maam

After explaining every aspect of what the younger lady needed to do with the situation at hand, The older lady says:

“Ok I’ll interpret now”

Me: yes maam

She then turned to the Deaf women and in a booming voice.. Yells at the top of her lungs..


I about fell out of my chair..

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Stupid Coworkers

A young lady in our office was getting married and she was talking with another coworker. She mentioned that she was going to France for her honeymoon. The coworker asked the lady what she was going to do on her Honeymoon? Was she going to be by herself? The young lady couldn’t believe that someone would ask such a stupid question.

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Stupid CoWorkers

Office woman #1: I guess no one objected to me tossing out their salad.

Office woman #2: Well, Jim did when I tossed his.

Office man #1: I really hope you guys are talking about a regular salad.

Office woman #2: No, I was talking about his ass.

Office woman #1: What? I don’t get it.

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