Stupid Customers

Customer: “I got DSL, but it’s not working.”

Tech Support: “What kind of modem do you have?”

Customer: “Ummm, I dont know. It’s built into my laptop.”

Tech Support: “Ok, did you receive the modem package we sent out?”

Customer: “Modem package??”

Tech Support: “Well, it looks like the modem was shipped to (address), Pennsylvania.”

Customer: “I don’t live in Pennsylvania. I live in New York.”

Tech Support: “Huh. Do you know this Pennsylvania address?”

Customer: “Yes, that’s my Mom’s house.”

Tech Support: “Ok, this DSL phone number you gave me — is that your mother’s number?”

Customer: “Yes, they told me in order for me to have DSL, I need to have your company’s phone service. My mother has it, so I gave them her telephone number.”