Stupid CoWorkers

I swear this is a true story. At a previous company there were restrooms tucked away in all corners of the office space. Some were marked “men” and “women” and some were unisex.

In a weekly progress report session with my immediate supervisor, I was told that a Department Manager from another department had called to complain that they noticed an offensive odor in one of the unisex bathrooms after I had used it.

I laughed it off and said, “Well, it’s supposed to if you use it right.”

I was informed, with all seriousness, that to “avoid future trouble” I should not use that particular restroom any longer. I went to the head of HR and was told the same thing; “Perhaps you should use another restroom in the future to avoid any misunderstandings.”

Later, the same Department Manager called my supervisor to complain that I was frequently seen on their side of the building and they wanted to know why. I looked at my supervisor and and said, “Well, if you move my company mail box and the employee lunchroom and vending machines to this side of the building, I’d never go over there again.”

My supervisor agreed that I had a “good point.”

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