Stupid Bosses

Mid-size corporation in central Texas. I’ll start with the company Christmas party. We were “told” to clock out at 3:30p, forcing us to donate our time and attendance while the ‘boss’ delegated responsibilities in helping with games, food (we each had to bring 2 dishes or desserts) and clean up for 100+ employees. To make sure the worker bees attended, he withheld paychecks until an hour after the party started. The prizes given out were from his OWN pawn shop store (can you say write off?) He did invite a soldier and his family to attend .. oh, and he made sure 2 camera crews were there as well .. to document his ‘giving back’ to the community and his gift-giving generosity.

Difference between this story and some of the others is .. when I clocked out .. I went home. I did not attend the party. My time is MY TIME. I refuse to work for nothing. A selfless act is one thing .. but it should be voluntary .. not mandatory. Let me know what you think of this “boss”.

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