Stupid Family Members

My family gave my grandmother a laptop, and we were teaching her how to use it when she asked how to send an email to her sister in England. They had been sending postal mail to each other for decades, and she had heard that this “Er-Mail” thing was easier.

I pointed to the Outlook Express icon, and told her to put the mouse there. She picked up the computer mouse and placed it on the screen.

It was a long day.

Stupid Family Members

My brother-in-law was going to buy my sister a new computer for her birthday. He told me he was even going to buy her a copy of Google for it. She’s so lucky

Stupid Family Members

My cousin and her boyfriend recently moved in together. The whole family

pitched in to help. My parents donated old furniture. My uncle lent them

his old car. Eventually their new home was all set up and the couple

decided to add a puppy to their family.

But they found the dog wouldn’t stay in the yard and that a fence was

needed. So again everyone pitched in. Friends came from far and wide for a

fence-building-party. And in no time they had a fence running around the

backyard up to the back of the house.

It wasn’t until my uncle dropped by to inspect the work that he noticed a

problem. Not only did the new fence fully enclose the puppy in the backyard

but it also surrounded… the car he’d lent them! They ended up having to

take down and rebuild a section of fence to get the car out again.

Stupid Family Members

One night my son was playing a computer game while I was watching TV. I asked him to turn the sound down, and he did. After a short while he came over to watch TV with me. Every so often I would hear the engine noise of his game. I asked him to turn off the game. He did. I was still hearing the noise and told at him to turn it off. He said he had switched off the power to the PC, but I was still hearing the engine noise about once a minute. We went over to look. Sure enough, the computer was off, but the sound was still there. We unplugged the speakers. Didn’t help. We pulled out the batteries. Didn’t help. Then I realized it was my pager that had been sitting on one of the speakers.